FR 17.11.23
DOORS: 2200
END: 0400│PRICE: CHF 15


Hoellypop is a Swiss-Italian Dj Based in Bienne. She tries to explore the limits of the clubbing culture within her selection. She tends to create hybrids sets, playing with many different genres and rhythms to narrate a story and speak from her heart.

Besides being a delicious representation of the latinx community, HAUSVRAU is also a very needed breath of fresh air to the white conception of electronic music and performance art. Puta, culta & fantasivolle, she serves a ride through a mixture of brazilian funk with pop, house, techno and vogue beats. The 0 to 160 (bpm) fairy you didn’t know you needed, so be sure not to miss the Brazilian funk punk vogue pressure valve princess!

Marara Kelly, Brazilian dj who returns to Europe bringing from her country everything that moves, shakes and rubs the body and soul. Her musical research starts from the Amazonian sounds, where she was born, in the north of Brazil, and mixes with the baile funk of Rio, where she lived during ten years. With many elements of pop culture presented through remixes she invites the public to identify with a foreign sound having the beat as the disruptive element. She reads the practice of remixing pop songs, one of the most present characteristics of the baile funk and technobrega scene, as a gesture of reappropriation of the common imaginary and decolonization through belonging, which results in a music full of mood, sensuality and power. Her way of mixing could be imagined as the gesture of making a ribbon or tying a knot that joins the places she’d been through, her identity, the feelings of belonging and the politics of coexistence.