FR 28–04–23 Türöffnung│Beginn: 22:00
Smoll Entry Price: CHF 20
GROWN Price: CHF 25
MAJOR SL*T Price, thx bb!: CHF 30

STRAP UP: Slutever Edition

Warmly Welcum to SLxTEVER, the Second Strap-Up at Humbug ever…

„My body is not a political playground it’s not a place for legislation, it’s mine and it’s my future“ - iconic Samirah Raheem (@THISISHOWILOOK), Slutwalk LA, 2017.

While conservative and repressive agents around the globe are eager to police, norm and control, we invite you to a night of unapologetic, freely expressed sluttery, hedonism, the celebration of the "abnormal", the queer, the self-empowered and especially: A fxcking break from the audacity that is existence...
„We are all Sluts!“ shall be our guiding motor and we encourage the queer posse and allies to bring their most unhinged selves to the the dance floor.
Excellence shall be served on all spheres from #Drag to #Punk, from #Gabber to #TechnoBraga to #BaileFunk and #Hyperpop, as long as THE ASS is our metronome and its bounce EVERlasting.
Our Bodies, Our Futures. For Ever, SlutEver <3

Our guiding stars are:

👅 Bully Fae Collins (BER, DE)

---------------Defy a Thing To Be
"Bully Fae is a musical act comprised of stand-up comedy, poetry, dance and music" was read in an interview on the release of the album Defy A Thing To Be (on the Matmos label). It is correct that the art figure Bully Fae Collins appears primarily as a performance artist and only secondarily or thirdarily as a musical act. "Defy A Thing To Be" was described by Bully Fae themselves in the live performance as a "dreamlike punk-drag show that tells stories of queer empowerment". Years have passed since we became aware of the abstract, pointedly minimalist and lyrically crude rap songs, during which the plan to bring Collins to Bern fell through. Recently, Bully Fae moved from California to Berlin and with that we can finally make the years-old plan come true.

dreamlike #punk #drag #Paradoxicalcharacters #Elevatorpitches #queerempowerment #rap

💋 Marara Kelly (BRA/ CH)

Marara Kelly, Brazilian artist, Producer, DJ and model among various other things who returns to Europe bringing from her country everything that moves, shakes and rubs the body and soul. Her musical research starts from the Amazonian sounds, where she was born, in the north of Brazil, and crosses with the Baile Funk of Rio, where she lived for the last ten years.
While crossing the continental country which is Brazil, Kelly has already played in several cities like Rio, São Paulo, Belém, Salvador, in very different contexts. Since she’s been in Europe, she mixed in Paris, Bordeaux, Cergy, Angers, Marseille, Bourges, Nijmegen, Berlin, Lausanne, Geneva and Freiburg. These travels have greatly influenced her way of mixing, which could be imagined as the gesture of making a ribbon or tying a knot that joins the places Kelly has passed through, her identity, the feelings of belonging and the politics of coexistence.

#technobrega #bailefunk #deconstructed

💦Miss Bashful x DBBD (BER, DE)

From the empress that brought you „Hard being Hot“, „Ho Ho Hoe“ or „Slut G4ng“ as well as the compilation magnus opus „Slut Bopz Vol.1 & Vol.2“ now comes a - rare like a comet sighting appearance in Basel City… With her, she brings the boldest lyrics, bounciest beats in a wild live set as weou „Hll as her loyal confidante DBBD and together they will keep the BPM Rating at Humbug not only in check but at an all time high.

#slutbopz #hohohoe #slutg4ng #dbbd

🚨 KruškaTv (BS, CH)

Heavily influenced by very horny Artists, KruškaTv plays all the cunty tunes that make our pussies poppp from Deconstructed Club Music, Experimental Hyper Pop, Electro Pop, to Industrial Trap <3 its a cute lil sexy mix of everything, KruškaTv likes to refer to as „Hyper Slut Core Bopz“.
Focusing on the excellence of queer and Finta Artists and Performers.

hyperslutcorebopz #slutcore #corecore #deconstructed #hyperpop #industrial #trap