FR 17–03–23 Start: 2300

Baby Cow Price: CHF 20
Grown Horsie Price: CHF 25
Legendary Barn Boss Price: CHF 30

STRAP UP: Divas At The Barn Edition

🐶 DASHA 🐮 MOO-CHACHO-LA-VIDA 🐴 horse giirL

HOWDY fellow cowgrrrls, barnbois and special greeting to all the enby calves out there!

Our very first 🌼STRAP UP🌼
will happen at the Humbug barn of your trust on the🚨 17.03.23. 🚨
For guidance on the lawn, take out to fresh prairies and hot tips on where to find the wildest rodeos, we called out for our most cherished guides.

🐴 horse giirL

So… Strap the f upppp babies and come out to play <3

🐹 Hans Unstern
🐹 (ABGESAGT/CANCELLED) Sadly, Hans Unstern cannot come due to illness. all the best to hans and until next time<3

🐶 Dasha
We shall be forgiven when Dasha Byrne takes on the decks. As the Hostess with the Mostest of Salon of Forgiveness and Angel’s of Forgiveness Performance Festival she already slayed any dragon near and far, so the young princess is now laid her eyes to climb the throne of nightlife and we’ll gladly prepare a stage for a queen in the making, tsss.

🐴 horse giirL
Praise the farm, cause horse girl rights are human rights and this Horsie is up to enforcing just that. Her Barn, her Rules, so let’s succumb to Sunny Barn Life, bring ur sugar cubes, hay and don’t forget the carrots obvi, cause she’ll take you to the dewy meadows and we check together if the pastures greener elsewhere. Lets go for a crazy fun ride, Yiiihaw!

🐮 DJ Moo Chacho La Vida
DJ Moo Chacho La Vida is udderly amazing, known for his moosical prowess and infectious energy. Hailing from the moooving streets of Miami, Moo Chacho has been grazing the city’s underground dance scene for years, honing his craft and building a loyal herd of fans along the way.
With a diverse milkshake of musical genres that spans everything from bovine Latin and hip-hop to techno and house, Moo Chacho is a true moosical chameleon, blending dairy-based genres and styles to create a sound that is pasturely his own. His sets are a stampede through time and space, taking listeners on a sonic adventure that is both unpredicta-bull and unfor-cow-ble.

Tysm to @_orrrg for the logo of dreams 💕