SA 29.06.2024 I Doors: 2200
Show: 2230
Preis VVK & AK: 10 / 15 / 20

SEASON END: PTERRAVORLYSIS tour with mirrored fatality | GENOVEVA GENOCIDE | Ivana Ray Singh, support by THY

A June - August 2024 tour across Europe with Ivana Ray Singh, Genoveva Genocide, and mirrored fatality. An intergenerational, cross-cultural, trans, and queer touring multidisciplinary project combining experimental performance art, avant-garde, industrial, and ambient noise, quantum physics, forged site-specific oxidized iron instruments, technosculptures, and mixed-media film to devour destruction and build an anti-fascist horizon towards new dimensions.

mirrored fatality

is an underground Kapampangan and South Asian xenotr@nsbinary experimental noise punk farmer collective who has toured their lectures, workshops, films, and performance biomes across Turtle Island (United States of America), Europe, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Thailand. mirrored fatality is a curatorial platform and they have cocurated international exhibitions and festivals highlighting the DIY Experimental QTBIPOC (Queer Trans Black Indigenous People of Color) community across London, California, and New York.

mirrored fatality remembers wholeness from dismembered flesh and mutates as cross-pollinating perennial terratoids. they intertwine glitch rage webs with corroded resonance and regenerate forsaken spores with their immersive biome: ECOCIDE 3URTH - a live biohacking and transmutation ritual installation performance where mirrored fatality’s techno-bodies internationally activate as multispecies of creatures, terratoids, and transhumans.

they mobilize their transmedia lore as calls-to-action against transphobia, settler colonialism, climate catastrophe, and surveillance capitalism. they experiment with 3D animation, interactive mixed-reality film, and decolonial regeneration with their voices, movement, and sculptures to simulate a live Kapampangan and Urdu experimental avant-garde noise score of guitar, bass, and electronics.


immersed in the world of industry, protest, and non-conformity towards a deteriorated system, takes you into the world of classes. The founder of Donations Project: record label, experimental multidisciplinary gallery & workshop space, and solidarity project in Bilbao, Spain weaponizes this project to express different aspects in which there is always a lot of struggle and demand.

"Forja Sonora" is Genoveva Genocide’s passionate testimonial where experimental music intertwines with the creation of handcrafted instruments forged from aged irons. Genoveva, whose name carries with it the poetic charge of a symbolic genocide, rises as a voice of rebellion against oppression - a muse who defies established structures. The instruments, children of the forge - emerge from irons rescued from oblivion. Harvested drums, sculpted bells, and suspended metal plates all become narrators of past histories. Recycling, more than a choice, is a hymn to renewal, the ability to find beauty in decadence in the transformation of the old into a contemporary symphony.

Immersed in the essence of iron, Genoveva Genocide is an artisan  metalworker who unravels the hidden properties of metal and shapes the symphony of their visions into their one-of-a-kind site-specific instruments. Each hammer blow and each clink of oxidation becomes part of their sonorous narrative. On stage, Genoveva Genocide performs with their back turned, giving the spotlight to the instruments raised towards the audience. The arrangement symbolizes that art resides in creation, not in the figure that molds it. Each recycled iron, each antique instrument, becomes a relic that resurfaces with a new voice, an echo of resistance and alchemy.

Ivana Ray Singh, aka Lucy Tcherno Ivanenko,

is a multidisciplinary artist, cultural agitator, vocalist and DJ born and raised in Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain (1985).  She is a member and permanent resident of  Konvent (Art community and Cultural Centre in Cal Rosal, Catalonia). Her disciplines are electronic music and performance art and their intersection, in dialogue with thought practices. Her solo project is electro-techno with vocals.

The co-founder and ex-director of Màgia Roja label and cult venue in Barcelona (2007-2017), she began her own artistic career in 2017,  inspired by the Jungian metaphor of Alchemy as the process of individuation, and metaphysics in general, she seeks to project desired and more beneficial presents and futures through fiction (hyperstition).

“Entanglements that Matter” is an electronic music and performance-art experience by artist Ivana Ray Singh, inspired by concepts of quantum physics and intersectional feminism. Inspired by the concept of Agential Realism by physicist Karen Barad - which proposes that entities emerge from their interactions instead of pre-existing - the artist generates sound and performative-sonic "intra-actions" created by her body in various relationships, using contact microphones, samplers and drum machines, with lyrics that seek to project a desired reality from an eco-feminist and interspecies collaboration point of view. A live performance that takes us from ambiental and noisy electronics, towards electro and techno.

In love, rage, and hope


is a transdisciplinary artist working and living in Basel, usually work with sound-space landscapes, installations and sculptures. THY’s DJ sets focus on the emotional friction between alternating soft and rough tones, deconstructed and experimental sounds–all done subtly whiles drawing the narrative throughout the story’s landscape. Their production and other sound related works are complement to their artistic practice, which today is a blend of sounds, texts, voices and objects.