DO 21.12.23 | Doors: 2000
Concert: 2100 sharp
Afterspinning until midnight
Price: CHF 12

Night on Earth 3: NELLY SCHWEIZ

Last Dive Bar Night at Humbug in 2023! 🌪

✺ Nelly Schweiz (CH)
What we talk about when we talk about love? About the secret love for Nelly, why not, Furtado: Tapiwa, Habegger, Nico, Dima, between genius, refusal, overload, in any case total lack of organizational talent, but once you put them in the same closet ... The four rascals made her a new dress and Nelly Furtado looks terribly beautiful in it, but also sad as in sad about an airplane crash, like the Curtiss AT-32C, which in the midsummer of 1934 blows off its engine and lands nose-first in the ground somewhere in southern Germany. Nelly Diener forever and the band Nelly Schweiz all for her.


Grafische Gestaltung: Lucian Kunz