MI 31.01.24 | Türöffnung, Bar: 1900
Free entry / Kollekte

KITE | VanBau | Timonina

Within and beyond our innate drive as explorers, colonizers and promoters of infinite growth, the dream of colonizing Mars seems to also highlight humanity’s tendency for escapism to other realms as a result of anticipating the slipping into our own extinction and its associated trauma. With a rictus on our faces, we are excitedly running towards a collective schizophrenia, only to realize that our minds will be suspended in a state of limbo, clinging to memories of what has been, while projecting sounds of utopia. Time is collapsing unto itself; bodies are fragmented, displaced, socially atomised.

"Cities are a set of many things: memories, desires, signs of a language; they are places of barter, as all the history books of economy explain, but these barters are not only of merchandise, they are also barters of words, of desires, of memories".

Exploring the “Invisible cities” of Cloe, Valdrada, Eutropia

The evening offers the experience of an AV immersive Installation, with which episodes of live sound and embodied performance are intertwined. The bar is open during the whole event, entry is granted at all times; the space is open for exploration.

19 – 23h Bar

19 – 22h Installation, performances

22 – 23h DJ Set

Iulia-Andreea Smeu (KITE)
Installation, Live Performance

María Muñoz / Cris Arcos (VanBau)
Live Performance

Tatiana Timonina
DJ Set

Mikael Szafirowski
Technical Production