SA 16.12.23
Doors: 2000
Price: CHF 15

Charmlore: Romance Relic | Xafya | avia b2b varni

Charmlore Europa ☆ is resurfacing as an EU-wide event series, music channel, messenger and archive of now.

✺ Romance Relic

Romance Relic (Jussi Hertz, *1995) is a Helsinki-based multi-disciplinary artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Hertz’s work takes influences from experimental electronic music, modern classical music and ambient genre tropes. Their pieces of music have been previously released via labels such as Janushoved, DISPLAY and Eastern Nurseries. Within their musical practice, Hertz works with various mediums, ranging from field recordings and re-appropriated Instagram & TikTok sound excerpts to synthesized melodic passages and vocal verses. Within and throughout their work, Hertz explores the intersections of emotional temporality and musical tropes’ relation to sensibility and pop-inclined romanticism. In their practice Hertz tries to stretch the boundaries of fragmentary storytelling, and its narrative capabilities and dispositions.

✺ Xafya

Xafya (she/her) lives and works in Zurich as a multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses mainly on musical composition and sculpture. Her sound aesthetic ranges between Ambient, Deconstructed Club and Epic Collage, which has a video game-like, world-building effect and strives for a reinterpretation of previous musical movements. She creates narratives of transformation, faith and modes of radical participation between terrestrial entities and the outside.

✺ avia b2b varni

Basel based avia is a visual artist and DJ known for her traversing layers of sonic melancholia and faith of the past decade. Her mixes craft ethereal soundscapes that intertwine with the gritty, raw essence of the club sphere and its speculative futures. Avia will be playing b2b with varni, Basel based DJ and multi-disciplinary artist. Varni has a distinct sonic practice of re-interpretating pop cultural music with an experimental approach that lies at the intersection of video game tunes and ancient celtic soundscapes.