SA 01.06.2024 I Doors: 1800
Curfew: 0400
Preis VVK: 10
Preis AK: 15

Back2skool: new swag new wave brought to you by s0uhlsexxs & xxleepyfay

BACK2SKOOL // new swag new wave

is a new event series brought to you by s0uhlsexxs & xxleepyfay showcasing jerk, nightcore, dark trap, experimental cloud rap, gabber and indie dance. On the first of June back2skool will be showing performing arts, live music and DJ sets by artists including Anton Nikitin, Blaukpchn, Killdummies, Doetzgen, Rar, Bloccbueb, Junge Vampire, S!K, Moonshyne, croketa, PLAYBOI KATHI b2b leilief and more!

Artworks and Merch will be sold on site!