MI 12.06.2024 I Doors: 1600
Party: 1600 - 0400


❤️ Live Music: Ed Williams, Mara Miribung, Fimmene, Giovanna Baviere, Tassos Tataroglou & Avgoustinos Angelis, Gizem Şimşek
🖤 DJs: Mânaa, Songou, Leila Moon, The Damien Brothers
🤍 Short film screening: «uncle, give me a cigarette», Walid Daqqa
💚 We offer food, drinks, face painting, children are welcome in the afternoon.
❤️ This is a fundraiser event, bring cash or pay your donation via twint. We collect for two families in Gaza.


is a global movement centred around Palestinian voices and how to carry, at first, an urgent call for an immediate and total ceasefire through Art and the mobilisation of all cultural actors and spaces. Artists from all over the globe can contribute either by organising their own event under the AAA banner, either by connecting with other AAA individuals of their city to build something together and communicate using the AAA visuals.

Unity is the key word which means to be a part of AAA, you have to be in perfect alignment with a few ground rules:
1. We rally until an immediate, permanent and total ceasefire is effective.
2. No hate will be tolerated : racism, sexism, ableism, queerphobia, islamophobia and antisemitism. This list is non exhaustive.
3. We are not affiliated with any political party nor state nor public institution.
4. This movement is not affiliated to any religion, nor it is motivated by anything but a deep sense of justice and humanity.

CONTACT: artistsagainstapartheid@proton.me