SA 30.03.2024 | Doors: 2000
VVK: CHF 15-25
AK: CHF 20–25

FOG Studios

Am Samstag 30.03. geben wir Carte Blanche an FOG Studio, das neue Basler Projekt, das experimentelle lokale Musik- und Kunstszenen beleuchtet. Wir freuen uns auf SOLAND ANGEL, Hildebrand/Ten, FOG Kollektiv und OKRA Soundsystem!


Soland Angel is a duo based in Basel (CH), consisting of Marianna Angel (1992) and Yanik Soland (1990). Angel is a pianist and improviser using various keyboards and voice. Soland is a musician and artist with a focus on self constructed instruments, electric bass and electronics.
Their collaboration began in 2019 at a concert in Rotterdam, where initial improvisational approaches were explored. Since then they played concerts in the context of exhibitions, performances and clubs. The duo‘s musical interests are the intersections of free improvisation with open compositional concepts based on self-developed notational forms.


Music, just like water, can flow or it can destroy. Music is, just like water, intangible and constantly changes its form. With this concept begins the music of Hildebrand/Ten, a duo for experimental electronic music, consisting of Jules Hildebrand, a producer of electronic music, and Mariia Ten, a professional concert violinist. Inspired by early music, noise experiments, Sephardic and traditional Korean music, they combine organic and modular soundscapes with sometimes heavily distorted, sometimes natural-sounding violin phrases.

The music conveys a story, just like water, flowing and crashing. But what is this story about? It consists of fragments, of many individual waves that collected into a mass remains formless until someone hears it. The music tells of conflict and war, of the loneliness of being without a home. It also tells of moments of love and reconciliation. Of violence, its dissolution, and of its insignificance.

FOG Kollektiv

Das FOG Kollektiv ist eine fünfköpfige Gruppe von Musiker*innen, die alle aus unterschiedlichen Szenen stammen. Klassische Musik, zeitgenössische und Neue Musik, sowie experimentelle und elektronische Musik zu verbinden und somit die Grenzen aufzulösen, die uns alle verbinden. FOG hat die Vision, eine Community zu bilden, in der der kollaborative Aspekt der Musik im Vordergrund steht.

Mit ihrem Stück HUMAN DRUM MACHINE versuchen sie genau dies zu erreichen: HUMAN DRUM MACHINE ist ein interdisziplinäres Kammermusikwerk für elektronische Drum Machines und Computer. Es zeigt das Potenzial von elektronischer Musik, wenn sie von einem Quintett gespielt wird und somit die Grenzen des Club-Kontextes und der Kammermusik sprengt.


Okra is a collective of Black multidisciplinary creatives that was founded in the summer of 2020. We have since gone on to create and co-create numerous events all throughout Switzerland and abroad, which have acted as spaces of community, connection & networking. Our aim is to deepen collaborative practices and to bring artists who are in alignment with our vision to the forefront. One of our core values is to be intentional with our collaborations and translate this approach into the creation and curation of our spaces.

It is also important to us to have the means to redistribute resources, to practice care and to form a global sound community.